Girl at Starbucks

Girl at Starbucks

I was having a Starbucks drink while chatting with friends and this really nice looking girl sat next to us. I wanted to get a candid shot as she looked lost in thought but I felt intrusive. Its stupid really. I’ve been asking people for photos and doing candid shots for years. I’ve never got over that fear of doing it. Never will I think. Minutes after this portrait the heavens opened and I was happy. Torrential rain makes for interesting shots. So I stood in the middle of Paradise Street snapping away. One photo I took caused a guy to wander over asking why I took a photo of his “bird.” I explained and showed him that I hadn’t. They got a bit defensive about the photo of their friend I took saying I can’t do this n that. I couldn’t really say anything as Liverpool 1 is private property but you know how it is. People are generally suspcious when you point a camera at them. Doesn’t matter that I’ve spent 5 years documenting the city, released books, exhibitions, and all that. “Why’s he taking my photo?” Its a shame but thankfully not everyone reacted that way yesterday and I got a couple of nice photos.

Crown Princess comes in on Monday. Biggest ship ever to enter the Mersey. I’ll hoping for good weather as I have some fun things planned.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

8 thoughts on “Girl at Starbucks”

  1. I may not comment much on your work pete, but i really do follow your on here, flickr on your various other photographic ventures

    you street portraits are brilliant, as an amateur photographer i just wouldn’t have the guts to walk up to strangers like you do……

    keep up the good work, you really do inspire me,

    with regards to crown princess, have you any ideas what times she’s due in??

  2. As the mother of the beauty at Starbucks I was thrilled to see the photograph. Thank-you!

  3. This paranoia about taking photographs in public is a result of this present governments obsession with “security” Funny that we can be filmed 300 times an hour, but take a photograph and all the High Vis jacketed parisites come running trying to stop you. Just quote the 1925 Press Act at them and tell them you will have them charged with harassment, that usually makes them back off. Keep snapping more power to the photographer.

  4. Great snap Pete the blue eyes and pink lips really make the photo work for me.

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