Gift giving Santa

I saw this guy sleeping by Martins Bank off Water Street and one of the charity runners in a Santa suit offered him some food. It must be really hard for people living on the street at this time of year.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

7 thoughts on “Gift giving Santa”

  1. can you imagine how hard it must be to fall asleep on cement? bet he was pissed at being woken up!

  2. Great shot. Yeah you’re right. I guess it will always suck living on the street but especially this time of year it must be hard. Now everybodys getting together with their loved ones and spending a load on gifts for everyone. Not to justify but at least the holidays have tradition for opening peoples haerts to help those less fortunate.

  3. It is so sad to see here especially when there are alternatives for them. They don’t want to use the shelters. There are too many rules, some are too delusional from mental illness or drugged to seek the shelters. Sad all around.

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