Gareth Hughes – Podcaster

Gareth Hughes is a podcaster based in Anglesey. I was commissioned by Swiss magazine Migros Magazine to go photograph him for an article they were doing on him. His podcast is basically him walking around Anglesey speaking English as part of a foreign language education network.

We got very lucky with the weather that day. Mid-August. Very warm. The brief was to feature the Menai Bridge in the background. We tried some at sea level but I felt the bridge was a little bit lost in the background. I didn’t want to get too close to the bridge as it would be towering over Gareth so we went up to the main road where there is a viewing area looking over the Menai Strait.

I have memories of visiting Anglesey as a kid. None of those memories are of how beautiful Anglesey is. I guess that wasn’t something I understood back then. Now I do and gosh it’s pretty from that main road. The blue water. The mountains in the background. If anyone wants to commission me to do more work in Anglesey I’m all for it.