Foggy morning

Foggy morning


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

7 thoughts on “Foggy morning”

  1. Pete,
    I like this print a lot. Mostly for the management of the contrast. Great range of grays gives it an old school photojournalist feel. Ah…I can smell the stop bath and fixer!

    I came to your site out of an interest in HDR . Your HDR work is brilliant – but this print doesn’t have those dramatic clouds and for this it works just as brilliantly. For me, it’s the bright sky fading into the skyline that creates the feeling of the setting .
    Really nice work!

  2. Love this. It’d be a nice shot without the man but he really makes it better.
    You seem to go back to this site often. How often do you go? Was the man showing up that morning a bonus or did you plan on a shot with a salty looking sailor in it?

  3. I’m only about 10 mins walk away from it. I do go there often because the buildings are fantastic, the sunset is in that direction and you get a reflection. But now I’m trying to find more to these locations, such as this guy.

  4. I love foggy morning shots. Looks like I was up too late this morning to catch this one.

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