Ferry Sunset

As a local its nice to take a ride on the ferry but its not something I often do. There’s no real need. Its easier to take the car to Liverpool. It is really nice to take a trip on the ferry though, on a calm day. Pay for a round trip, stay on. Especially at sunset with the lovely light we get here. Its relaxing.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

14 thoughts on “Ferry Sunset”

  1. You always keep the standards high Pete – really super shot this. Love the lead lines and the sunset reflection pointing to the lead line. Corker!

  2. Excellent composition. I like the rich tones very much. The reflection in the window is really eye catching. NIce work.

  3. Nice photo, was getting a bit fed up of the street photography shots.

  4. Mark, you’re actually looking at the same side of the river, twice!! Great photo. Back on the Canon already then? ;)

  5. I think the background is New Brighton and the reflection is Woodside or Seacombe. Though it does make me wonder about trying to that both sides shot.

  6. Heh and no, not back on Canon :) Old shot I’ve been meaning to post. Might use my 10D tomorrow though as I don’t have a 70-200 for my D700.

  7. I am tired, not sure what to say. Love it as always. Your photos always make me think about what I would do, and where I can find similar themes.

    Great work.


  8. haha, every time I speak to you you’re on the ruddy ferry :D

    You LOVE it!

  9. perfect reflection. I like that you have darkened teh sky. That helps to keeps the eye of the viewer inside the image. Very good composition

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