Falkner Street

Falkner Street

There are parts of Liverpool that are in dire need of being rebuilt, and then there are parts that are just lovely. This was taken just outside of The Quarter cafe. It’s a lovely little place that serves a mean hot chocolate. The only problem I had with this shot was the cars. The street is timeless but the cars are modern and they just didn’t really fit in with the architecture. If I was documenting the times I would include more detail, but I’m not. I wanted a nice shot. I did HDR this image too as I wanted to bring out more detail in areas, but of course that brought out more detail in the cars. So I took the 0ev exposure image and used it as a layer in Photoshop to darken certain areas.

Camera: Canon 30D // ISO: 100 // Shutter Speed: 1/60 // Aperture: f8.0 // Focal Length: 20mm // Sigma 10-20mm


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

4 thoughts on “Falkner Street”

  1. Nice, Pete…
    Come on, surely you could wave your “Pro Photographer” card and told them all to get their cars out of sight!
    You got the colour version too? I won’t mind seeing that.

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