Egg run portraits

Every year the Egg Run sees thousands of bikers journey from New Brighton to Clatterbridge Hospital to raise money for children’s ward. Traditionally Easter Eggs were delivered but in recent years they’ve received over 3,000 eggs so they prefer donations. In 2008 they have raised over £25,000 for the kids and the run grows year on year. This year over 12,000 bikers took part. I spoke with a few.

Mr. T. Toner had a unique bike and a great spirit. He’s from Wavertree and plans to race his Piaggio around the TT circuit.

A local man and Triumph Legend rider.

Chris is a local biker from Spittal. He’s only missed 3 Egg Run’s since the start. He rides a Hayabusa bike.

Neil, from Chester, at his first Egg Run. He rides a Harley.

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  1. Great portraits! I love the one with the cigar, vivid colors, fabulous!