Do Ho Suh

The Liverpool Biennial starts up this weekend. Already there are a few installations around town. Its sort of like an Easter Egg hunt going around town looking for them, especially this one. I knew there was something on Duke St and I saw one of the wolf signs so I kept going. By the time I was nearly at the bottom of Duke St I realised I had walked past it, so I headed back. It wasn’t until I saw people on the other side of the road looking up that I found it.

Its a great bit of art though. I’m not an artsy person so I couldn’t tell you what it all means. But to me it looks like another part of a building has phase shifted between the empty space. There’s a definite sci-fi vibe here. The piece is by Do Hu Suh. Just so you know, the text isn’t a part of this installation. Its just the house. The text is from the 2008 Biennial but conveniently located.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

4 thoughts on “Do Ho Suh”

  1. Great shot. I love the two buildings, one very bright and the other one quite dark. Contrast is great. Obviously I also like the tilted and squished house :D

  2. It is so encouraging that “ordinary people” are reclaiming the spaces of their cityscapes in emulation of Banksy and, now, more and more others determined to express themselves in what might be termed “folk public art”.
    You do not have to be Antony Gormley to display one’s own equivalent of Another Place or Angel of the North.
    So appropriate this slogan should appear in that cauldron of Northern creativity, Liverpool, melting-pot of World cultures.

  3. This is really cool. Installation art like this is so inspiring to me because it brings ordinary people together to admire something unordinary. I like the way this was taken too. Shows the overall message of the piece and really highlights the reactions and space around it.

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