Cut Paper by Sachiko Abe

A highlight of the Biennial so far for me. ‘Cut Paper’ by Sachiko Abe at A Foundation. Its beautiful and incredibly calming. There are seats in the room so you can sit and enjoy the performance. Basically there’s a large pillar of cut paper in the room that leads back to Sachiko Abe who sits up high cutting paper. Her scissors are connected to a speaker so you hear every cut. Its oddly calming to listen to and incredibly beautiful to look at. However, she says its neither of those things. She says it is an aestheic paradox that locates the artist at the center of a field of reciprocal subjectivity, she is an object of the gaze that returns the subject to themselves by activating a feedback loop. I’m a photographer so for me I just see a lovely moment and try my best to photograph it. Amazingly she is going to be there for the duration of the Biennial, all 10 weeks. Thats quite insane. 10 weeks cutting paper. Stunning.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

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  1. Pete Carr’s photo captures a moment of the 10 week perseverance by Sachiko Abe, and I can believe his description of being present as “calming to listen to and incredibly beautiful to look at” – that comes through in his photograph.

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