The first Liverpool Comic Con naturally appealed to me. I’ve been to a few before. London in err… 2007? Toronto in 2006. I took photos. I took bad photos. Jaunty angle boring photos, which got huge traffic at the time. So I was tempted to visit the Liverpool Comic Con but I was concerned it would be overflowing with people like me from 2006. I realise that I need to find my own unique voice and angle, so the thought of hanging out with lots of other photographers all fighting for the same photo at an event like this really isn’t appealing. I’m sure you’re all beautiful snowflakes but there’s no point in everyone shooting over each other shoulders for the same photo.

In the end I thought I could stay at home or go out and see what I can do. Thankfully all the photographers were inside. It was overcast and I found a grey wall to shoot against. Within a minute of getting my camera out I was asking people if I could photograph them. 3 hours later I had taken 96 portraits and needed to go somewhere warm. I had SO much fun. I had good light, then great light, then good light. I had awesome chats with people about manga, comics, and lots of geeky things. I learnt about new anime. I was sad to not see anyone in a Starfleet uniform. Ah I had loads of fun. There’s some highlights in this weeks vlog.

So. Much. Fun.

I worry way too much about whether I’m doing good work. Whether I’m on the “right” path. Frack it. I just need to worry about having fun, paying bills, and having more fun.

Highlights below and a full series can be seen on my portfolio.