Corsa in HDR – 1


Continuing my HDR experiments say hello to my Corsa. Lots of people hate Corsas so I wanted to take a really good photo so people would look at it and go “wow”. Its a great little car. Does the job n all that. These shots are different to my protest hdr shots. I used the traditional 3 shot bracket approach to make these. They do have an extra amount of punch to them, but I’m sure you could the same with the single shot method.

Camera:Canon 10D
Lens:Sigma 10-20mm f/4 – f/5.6
Shutter:1/30 + 1/125 + 1/8 sec
Focal Length:10mm


One response to “Corsa in HDR – 1”

  1. Hi Pete – has great impact – the wide angle lens helps aswell as the hdr – all my hdr experiments end up looking washed out. Howdya get the punchiness? Also have you tried using the hdr images as background in 3d software?