This is *the* new place in the Baltic Triangle. It’s called Constellations and its got to be Liverpool’s first kert. If you don’t know a kert is a type of bar in Budapest. They’re also called ruinpubs as they’re based in run down sites between buildings. I’ve been meaning to blog about them as I did a quick tour while in Budapest a few years back. They are amazing. Here today and gone tomorrow. Lovely outdoor atmosphere. Its what Liverpool is sadly lacking. Thankfully the Baltic now has Constellations. An indie startup looking to provide an outdoor venue and event space. The launch was on Friday and it was filled with a mix of people from the area. It was a joy to see. Here’s to many more days spent there this summer… not drinking as I’m trying to fit into my wedding suit 😉

Check out the lovely wood architecture. Locally produced. Lots of triangles and a roof that mirrors that of the brick building behind.