Church of the bright green neon rabbit

As part of the Biennial they’ve put a giant neon green rabbit on the side of an old church on the corner of Toxteth.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

15 thoughts on “Church of the bright green neon rabbit”

  1. Deep color and motion impression of the sky. The neon light is nicely captured and controlled so no details are lost. This is an all around awesome HDR image!

  2. incredible. There is so much to see in this image and the processing work really is top notch. Great stuff

  3. Wasn’t it “follow the _white_ rabbit”? Bizarre is the very word, even though they might have gone even further I can imagine… Anyway, an interesting idea captured awfully well. :)

  4. There is also another green neon sign of shrek just down the road above a billboard on Parliament Street.
    I think this is a marketing campaign by Sky to advertise which movies are available around xmas on the movie channels.
    Could the rabbit be the were-rabbit from Wallace and Gromit? Its eyes are swirly too.

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