Cemaes Bay Peace Camp

At 8 points around the UK coastline there are peace camps. Produced by Artichoke, the people who brought La Machine to Liverpool, and in collaboration with Fiona Shaw the peace camps are glowing signals to embrace peace. They operate from dusk to dawn and are something quite special. Cemaes Bay is a little bay on the north west point of Anglesey. It’s a beautiful place. They ask a lot of the anyone wishing to visit a camp. You have to book an hour time slot between 9:30pm and 5:30am. You’re in for a treat though. There’s no humming generators, or portacabins or anything like that. There’s the sound of the waves, the wind and poetry emanating from the tents. It’s astonishing. The tents act as one speaker collective. It’s just lovely to sit and soak it all in. Having been commissioned to photograph it I felt quite lucky that I could spend all night there. I saw the sun set, the colour change through the night and the sun rise. I loved it. There’s some videos and photos from around the UK on Artichoke’s Facebook page.