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  • Leica Update

    Leica Update

    I own 3 Leica cameras. I bought my first in 2010. A Leica M6 film camera with everything you need on it. It has a built in light meter, interchangeable lens system and shoots lovely lovely film. I bought it because it won’t age so in 30 years time I’ll still be learning from it…

  • The first week with my Leica m240

    The first week with my Leica m240

    I didn’t blog about this last year because I didn’t really blog much last year. I was busy rebuilding my house. But anyway. Back in July 2017 I bought a Leica m240 with a 35 and a 50mm lens. I felt that I’d reached a point where I understood why I wanted one. The Leica…

  • Camera gear

    Camera gear

    I should be on a train right now heading to Birmingham with friends to play with camera gear. I’m not. Instead I’ve been for a run and I’m thinking about cameras. I don’t want to be thinking about cameras. I want to be thinking about things to point cameras at.

  • Europe with a Fuji X100

    Europe with a Fuji X100

    3 weeks around Europe with a Fuji x100. In the famous words of Simon Pegg, skip to the end. Buy this camera.

  • The new HDR book

    The new HDR book

    So the big news is I’m working on a HDR book.

  • My Leica M6

    My Leica M6

    I finally got around to buying, well more like affording a Leica. I went for the M6 as its got all the features I need and  I love the design.