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  • Saving Ron’s Place

    Saving Ron’s Place

    On a quiet street in Oxton, Wirral, there’s a house previously rented by Ron Gittins. Almost every surface has been painted or reworked into a piece of art. Hieroglyphs above the picture rails. Portraits of people painted right onto the walls. Murals on the ceilings. Papier-mâché torsos. A concrete lion the size of a fireplace…

  • Hanging out in Venice

    Hanging out in Venice

    The first time I was in Venice I noticed how odd it was that everyone hung their washing out over the street. It was certainly pretty to look at but just odd. Here in the UK we put our washing in our back yard hidden away from everyone. Venetians often don’t have back yards so they…

  • 2 days at Tebay Service Station

    2 days at Tebay Service Station

    Service stations. They’re all the same right? You leave the confines of the mundane motorway to arrive at the confines of bad brands pushing bad coffee, bad burgers and a general bad attempt at being refreshed for the continuing journey ahead. On our way up north we passed a service station with a Greggs, a Costa…

  • Selfie Center

    Selfie Center

    2 years ago I visited Venice. So many people had big DSLRs and I was loving the small Fuji X100 at the time. 2 years later and people still have big cameras but also selfie sticks. People seriously walk around with their phone in a selfie stick in case an emergency selfie moment arrises and they…

  • The driftwood pirate ship of New Brighton

    The driftwood pirate ship of New Brighton

    At the start of this year a pirate ship sailed into New Brighton. The first in many a year. This is a very unique pirate ship. It came in on a high tide in bits and pieces. Driftwood for the most part, but also rope, flags and even the odd wet suit. Local artist Frank…

  • Thatcher Funeral Party in Liverpool

    Thatcher Funeral Party in Liverpool

    When I arrived there was a decent sized crowd of people at St Georges Hall. Music playing, champagne and beer being drunk, and lots of cheering. There were people dressed as miners and one woman dressed as Thatcher. When she posed dead on the ground the crowd piled on for a photo. It was an…

  • New Brighton RNLI Hovercraft

    New Brighton RNLI Hovercraft

    I’m running the Liverpool Marathon on 9th October this year. I’m raising money for the RNLI and you can donate on Just Giving. I hope to raise over £1,000. As part of my fundraising I plan to document the people I’m hoping the help, namely the New Brighton RNLI. Over the coming weeks I’ll be…

  • Aftermath of rioting in Liverpool

    Aftermath of rioting in Liverpool

    I’ve photographed protests and seen the damage they cause. Eggs, paint and random objects thrown at the police. Nothing compared to the rioting of last night in Toxteth. I followed the news as rioting spread around London via Twitter, Sky News and the BBC News. Watching the large furniture store burn down in real time…

  • Bascule Bridge

    Bascule Bridge

    About a year ago I was out with friends taking photos around the bascule bridge near the tabaco warehouse in Liverpool. At this point in time it was closed for repairs. We found that the blocked off road had become a mini caravan site. I’ve been learning a lot about travellers recently through friends and…

  • Hollywood Homeless

    Hollywood Homeless

    A year ago I took part in a project called Hollywood Homeless which was a collaboration between the Fab Collective, Urban Strawberry Lunch and homeless people in Liverpool.