13/100: Catarina Golla

Catarina Golla pictured here inside St Lukes ‘bombed out’ Church in Liverpool. The church has no roof which creates a lovely calm environment on a sunny day. Green grass, sunflowers, light breeze, lovely church interior and eclectic music playing. Its a lovely space to sit in. While it is technically a church its open to any and all. I’ve been visiting the church since I first heard it was open and this is the first time I’ve seen someone breast feeding in there.

After talking with Catarina I can fully understand her reasons for doing so. She said it creates an amazing bond between her and her baby. It is completely normal for her and she would feel more ashamed to give her child a bottle in public. While she’s from Poland she said that they are similar to the UK, that they find breast feeding in public a bit odd. But she said its very healthy, very natural and can you really blame a mother for wanting to connect with her child in such a way in such a place?


Photographer and part time Spider-man.