Carl in Brighton

Carl in Brighton

The other week I took a trip to Brighton. It was different than I expected but a very cool place. Theres an entire area thats full of independent shops in a similar fashion to Bold Street, just more. Something I noticed was that most of the people in this area had a great look to them. Each person seemed to have their own unique sense of style without seeming like a stereotype. It was nice to see. In Liverpool you don’t have to look hard to find someone with an over done orange tan or some other local stereotype. However people in Brighton seemed to instinctively look cool. Its a great place to do street portraits. Carl here is a reflection of that. He looks cool. Of course you’ll probably find someone similar in Liverpool but in Brighton everyone was like this, at least everyone seemed unique. I could spend a lot of time there doing street portraits.

In other news I’ve done a quick review of Photoshop CS5’s new HDR toning feature.


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