Canning Half tide dock

I’ve been trying to work out whether I liked this shot or not for ages now. I just didn’t like it in colour, or B&W. Oddly I ran my infrared Lightroom preset over it and got this, which liked.

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  1. I like the texture f the water. I think the issue is that it doesnt feel to be of anything theres no subject, not sure, the IR preset seems to give a nice effect though

  2. You might be right, which is why I haven’t posted it before. I need to find time to go out and take some new photos. I’m currently relying on finding ones I may have overlooked in Lightroom, which isn’t good.

  3. Personally, I think it’s beautiful. I’m looking at a beautiful image of an extraordinary place and not the technique. I suppose people view images for different reasons and of course the photographer is his own worst critic. I view images to see beauty and places I won’t ever see in person. You’ve shared a wonder with me:)

  4. Wow, this is great. Love the color and the overall feel of it. The shot gives a definite distinct feel.

  5. The rich blue is nice and its an interesting scene too. Some place I would like to come into after beeing out of the water for a week.

  6. OOooohhh.. Desaturated and very calm feeling , very nice.