Brouhaha Candid II

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had a christening to shoot. The problem was I was the photographer, the Uncle and one of the Godfathers. So the morning was spent whipping up a DVD slideshow in iMovie, getting ready and cleaning my kit. iMovie was brilliant for the slideshow. Drop images in, drop music in and burn. Of course I’m a perfectionist so it required more tweaking. But its great. It automatically adds the slight zoom effect on images, and transitions. I’ve been tweaking it more today, adding titles and sorting out the timing so it properly ends when the music does. I can’t quite find a fade out option for the music so I timed the photos to it. A friend of my parents videoed the christening so I’m going to import that to iMovie and make one big DVD featuring the past 8 months of photos of my nephew / godson, and the christening shots as another movie and the movie as a movie. Technology like this is brilliant and so simple to use.

As for the christening, it all went according to plan until I got my camera out and had a terrible hypoglycemia attack which knocked me out for 30 mins. Everyone was very nice and helpful about it, thankfully it was a family event not a job. The worry is that it could happen on a job. Its not like I didn’t go prepared either as I drank a 1/2 litre bottle of coke before hand so my blood sugar shouldn’t have been low. I’ve lived with it all my life and I thought I had planned ahead yesterday. Even though I did, it shouldn’t have been as bad as it was. I did a wedding a few weeks ago, 14 hours on my feet shooting, and I only had breakfast at 8am then nothing for the rest of the day. Its tricky to say the least and I just hope it doesn’t happen on a shoot.