Birkenhead crane demolition

Birkenhead crane demolition

Boom. At 8am on a wet Sunday morning the iconic cranes at Birkenhead docks were demolished. They haven’t been used in 25 years due to asbestos. They’ve been there for 50 years. I’ve uploaded a slideshow to Flickr that shows the explosion as it happened. It was really something to see. There is also a video of it on Youtube. Its a bit sad to see them go as they’ve been there all my life. I remember seeing them when I was 10 using a film SLR on a photography day out. I remember going down there when I got my Canon A70 to take photos. Shame really, but amazing to see.


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4 thoughts on “Birkenhead crane demolition”

  1. Such a cool shot! I love the action!! This works very well in high contrast b&w. The geometry and sharp lines really add a lot.

  2. Have you got the shots from your A70 to compare? Would be interesting to see the difference in the cranes age, and your photographic style.

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