Birkenhead crane demolition

Birkenhead crane demolition

Boom. At 8am on a wet Sunday morning the iconic cranes at Birkenhead docks were demolished. They haven’t been used in 25 years due to asbestos. They’ve been there for 50 years. I’ve uploaded a slideshow to Flickr that shows the explosion as it happened. It was really something to see. There is also a video of it on Youtube. Its a bit sad to see them go as they’ve been there all my life. I remember seeing them when I was 10 using a film SLR on a photography day out. I remember going down there when I got my Canon A70 to take photos. Shame really, but amazing to see.

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  1. Hey i was there too. we must of been stood near each (i was in a green checked hoody) i have compile a video on youtube i hope you like it. p.s Awesome picture!!!! 🙂

  2. Such a cool shot! I love the action!! This works very well in high contrast b&w. The geometry and sharp lines really add a lot.

  3. Great capture here! Wonderful.

  4. Alex Stav Avatar
    Alex Stav

    Have you got the shots from your A70 to compare? Would be interesting to see the difference in the cranes age, and your photographic style.