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2010 has been a good year. Even right up to end the year keeps giving as I only just found out that I was a finalist for the ‘Best European Photoblog 2010‘. My recent ‘Sunrise over the Mersey – 2‘ photo also made the ‘Best Photos 2010‘ list. There’s a lot I’ve still yet to blog, hence the two photos of the new Museum of Liverpool in my best of photos.



January. The year started out with a blizzard and living in Liverpool really paid off. I was out round town walking in fresh snow banking location after location. It was carnage out there when rush hour hit. I often photograph the Liverpool skyline as it changes from year to year. Little did I know that this photo would later feature in The Sunday Times and various other national newspapers as part of an advertising campaign for Liverpool. I also started to take part in the 100 Strangers project. I haven’t taken as many portraits as I’d hoped but every single one is a good solid story so I’m very happy with them. I’ve got big plans for 2011.



February. I did some work for National Museums Liverpool photographing the interior of their new Museum of Liverpool. Its a stunning building and it was great to be in there before it was turned into a museum. I’ve got a collection of these I plan to blog in the new year. It was a quieter month with Chinese New Year and a look at the new Echo Arena Wheel.



March. A quieter month than February. I often get depressed about my work and it hit me hard this month. I struggled to get out and photograph anything. However I made a push and photographed a few people out for St Patricks Day and photographed some people for the Wirral Egg Run, including the American guy pictured here. I also photographed the swans battling with a freezing lake that they used to paddle in.



April. I revisited the Museum of Liverpool but this time at dusk for a few more shots. It looks amazing at dusk, loads of angles to play with. For the first time I made it to Ladies Day to document what happened. Its not so much ladies day as it is dress in something you’ll only ever wear once then hobble home day. I met a guy called Nathaniel Severs who was bored so he walked the entire length of the UK coastline.



May. Off to London. A client needed some London photos so off we went. No HDR they said. This was the start of something. I think I’ve been using HDR as a safety blanket. It was so liberating to go out with my 24-70 and ND grad as I could see right there on the camera that I’d nailed the shot. It wasn’t a case of nailing the composition and knowing that HDR will help later. It was a case of going “Yep thats it. I could have shot in JPG I’m so sure.” Of course I still use HDR just as I use “Fill light” and “Recovery” in Lightroom. London was really fun though. We only stayed a few days but hit every touristy spot going and thanks to Google Earth we knew where the sun would be shining at various times of the day so we could perfectly plan our trip down to the hour. I loved the Natural History Museum and St Pauls Cathedral.



June. My girlfriend entered the Lord Mayors Pageant, which is always fun to photograph. Visited Africa Oye and it didn’t rain! Spent some time photographing the Liverpool nightlife. Very odd things happen in town at night. Later in June I moved to New Brighton and a week later my Mum died. Not the best of months.



July. The Cunard liner Queen Victoria arrived in Liverpool. Always good to see a ship like that docked against the skyline. The On the Waterfront events took place which were brilliant. The first object arrived at the Museum of Liverpool. Its an original train carriage from the old overhead railway. I know that will be popular.



August. A quick shot of the Liverpool Bay at dusk. We were driving home and the water looked almost silvery at first so I had to get a shot. No tripod as I wasn’t totally prepared. Just rested the camera on a wall with my wallet and got a nice long exposure. August also saw another evening waterfront event called Voala, and some great performances during the day too. Liverpool’s first pride festival took place and was incredibly popular.



September. My girlfriend and I visited Nantes and Paris in France. Brilliant time. The above photo has been featured on the National Geographic site. We saw the Great Elephant walking around the La Machine HQ, visited Sacre-Coeur and I loved the Louvre. I played with some Impossible Film too. Love my Polaroid. £12 in a random shop in Brighton. September saw the start of the Biennial in Liverpool. Everyone photographed the Temple of 1000 Bells but my highlight by far was ‘Cut Paper’ by Sachiko Abe. She spent the duration of the Biennial, 8 weeks or so, carefully cutting paper in A Foundation. Fantastic stuff.



October. Still in Paris, but only for another day. I photographed Julian Lennon at the unveiling of the European Peace Monument and really enjoyed the Lantern Parade in Sefton Park.



November. Remembrance Sunday pictured here. I met Norma Taker and photographed her for my 100 Strangers project. This photo has also been featured on the National Geographic site. Bonfire night in West Kirby, a stormy day in New Brighton and a student protest against increased fees made for a varied month.



December. Now I know a lot of people loved this sunrise over the Mersey and this sunrise was one of the ‘Best Photos of 2010’ according to the people at the Photoblog Awards, but I love the above photo because how often do you get to photograph a traffic warden being chased by a baby T-Rex? I ran and photographed the Santa Dash. It didn’t snow at first but it did get very icey and beautiful out. We visited Manchester Xmas Market where I took one of my favourite Leica photos. It did snow and I discussed working with homeless people. A busy month.


2010 has been all over the place. I’ve questioned all my work, reprocessed and relaunched my portfolio and now feel like I’m walking on solid ground again. I’ve got a clear picture for 2011 and at least 1 exhibition planned. I have some ideas for documentary work around here, assuming I can get access. Its going to be a good year. I’d love to have a go at medium format too.


My New Year resolution is to accept imperfection. By that I mean to relax about processing and controlling every speck of light in my photos. Some rules are ok to break. I hope everyone’s had a good year and here’s to 2011 *raises cup of mulled win*


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

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  1. @petemc ooh I’m in there (sort of) Thanks for a fantastic year :D xxx

  2. @petemc Really great shots, Pete. Photo of the Museum of Liverpool made me say “Wow” in a office full of people. Now everyone’s looking!

  3. Great collection, i have enjoyed your images and posts. These bring back lots of memories from our travels. Well captured!

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