Beetham Tower in BW

Beetham Tower in BW

This isn’t a reprocessing of this old shot from last year. I was out yesterday for a walk around Liverpool as it was a nice sunny day. I really like the shot from last year but I want to make it better, or at least I should try and make it better. I was out just in time to add a bit of lens flare to this shot. Ideally I’d love to get a shot with a really nice sunset sky in the circle.

Handheld HDR from 3 RAW’s // Camera: Canon 30D // ISO: 100 // Shutter Speed: 1/160 // Aperture: f4.0 // Focal Length: 10mm // Sigma 10-20


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6 thoughts on “Beetham Tower in BW”

  1. Both of them are amazing shots, I prefer this one..the light and the flare add to it.well done!

  2. nice angle and excellent perspective. the detail is very impressive on the building. nice photo

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