The cruise ship Balmoral visited Liverpool last week. Its somewhere in between the old liner style and the new style. HMS Illustrious is in this weekend. Open to the public on Saturday, 10-4 (maybe 5). Well worth seeing but the queue was pretty insane with Ark Royal so you’ll be queuing for a while. Leaves Sunday at 2ish. Not sure if theres going to be helicopters flying around like Ark Royal. It would be awesome to see the harriers fly around but I can’t see that happening.

Pretty hectic weekend really with all that, and pavement art on Bold St and a photocall on Sunday and trying to write chapter 3 of the hdr guide book. I spent Friday afternoon in Salford photographing the bridges, in portrait. Tricky stuff but I’m happy with what I got. The place has changed a lot in the past 2 years and hints at what Liverpool docks may look like in 5 years if Peel’s plan goes ahead.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

10 thoughts on “Balmoral”

  1. I enjoy visiting your site and look forward to the hdr guide .

    Peel may be in doubt given current property yields?

    Worth spending time taking photos from the Birkenhead side, I think.

  2. Great shot, magnificent sky. Can you tell a little bit more about the HDR work done on that one?

  3. Excellent HDR work. I love it!

    I’m looking forward to your HDR guide book. Currently I’m reading “The HDRi handbook” of C. Bloch, very interesting. A few days ago I wrote some personal findings of HDRi on my blog. Perhaps we could change some thoughts.

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