Budapest Baths

In 2012 my wife and I visited the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest. I say baths but think leisure pools. Space to swim or to sit. We visited the most popular of them, which in September 2012, was not packed out to cause me any anxiety. Apparently a wonderful thing to do is go in the

2012 – Budapest views

It’s day 3 of our stay in Budapest. I’m happy I can eat food and we wander. It is another very hot day. Our wander takes us around the city seeing new and interesting architecture. Budapest architecture has interesting pastel style colours to it. There’s a definite trend of yellow and green in the city.

2012 – Budapest

Arriving in Budapest in late August and it was hot. Really really hot. We met my wife’s friend there and he lead us to our apartment for the week. It was my first time staying somewhere that wasn’t a hotel and I was a bit nervous. Where does food come from in the morning? (Spoiler: