At the lights

At the lights

I went wandering around Liverpool the other night at sunset looking for interesting angles. I’ve never really found a way to take an interesting photo from this side of the Liver Building as the light isn’t really right at sunset but that night it was perfect. I was in an odd mood for fitting odd objects in between buildings and the lights perfect sat in between these two. Naturally some guy shouted something from his car since I was standing at a crazy angle taking what appeared to be a photo of the traffic lights. Such is life. Still, I got a photo I’m happy with so ner.

Hand held HDR from 3 RAWs // Camera: Canon 30D // Sigma 10-20 // Focal Length: 10.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/80 // Aperture: f/6.3 // ISO: 100 // Exposure Mode: Auto Bracketing


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

19 thoughts on “At the lights”

  1. Wow, this is fantastic – one of the best HDR images I’ve seen! Love the dynamic composition too :-)

  2. I take lots of photos for textures for use in my 3D graphics work, and people always look at you funny when you’re taking a photo of what is obviously a blank brick wall, or a nice wide shot straight down at the pavement.

  3. When HDR is done well, it can really add something to a picture. i’m happy to say that this is one of those instances. This shot has a great sense of texture in the stones and the traffic lights make it quite surreal.

  4. Thank you for not overcooking this HDR shot! Far too many are just hideous but get all the attention somehow. Great angle that creates a towering effect on the buildings.

  5. I turn at those lights every day. Awesome photo Pete, love the colours.

  6. *shudders with excitement*
    It’s on the way over now! In Bits! I can see it from my window!


  7. Fab photo of what are my 2 favourite buildings inLiverpool, Tower builidngs and of course the Liver buildings.

  8. I just found your photoblog, and was wandering through you archive and stopped at this photo, because it really catched my eye :-) So, well done!

  9. I love this, its creative and beautifully processed, think I’ll go and have a go at something similar, though I doubt very much that it’ll turn out anything like this!!

    Seriously good image.

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