A woman from Southport

A woman from Southport

Yesterday the Fab Collective went to Southport to spend the day. A few of us set off very early and were rewarded by the train breaking down. That said I loved taking the train up there. Sure it took twice as long but theres something nice about watching the world go by on a train when you’re not in any real rush to get somewhere. I loved seeing Liverpool from the view point of the train. We went through my old haunt of Bootle where I spent a lot of time as a kid hanging out in the Strand. Loved it. We took various shots from landscapes to candids to portraits. Near the end of the day we were in a cafe and this old woman, Margaret Peers, started talking to us. She mentioned that during WW2 she worked in an ammo factory. 5 years ago she made the decision to become a Christian as you can see from the giant bible she carried around in her bag. She had come to believe in something and was ready to be accepted into heaven.


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  1. The contrast and lighting in this shot are absolutely perfect! I love the expression on the woman’s face and the lettering on the book. Excellent.

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