A very snowy Dale Street

Look at that! The snow last night between 5 and 7pm was insane. This was the view as I headed out to a meeting that I really wanted to be cancelled so I could play in the snow. I awoke today to a winter wonderland and realised that its snow falling that I love more so than it having snowed. Theres a real magic to it.

14 responses

  1. Great shot Pete. Makes you want to stand there and catch flakes in your mouth. I like how you’ve managed to make the Space hoardings look good too, great colours.

  2. Hell of a shot!

  3. love the snow and shining lights! awesome.

  4. Awesome shot. Love how the sky is covered in falling snow.

  5. Great snow! Great shot! Congratulations!

  6. Excellent snow shot…the details are very nice and clean.

  7. Thats a fantastic shot, I wish I didn’t live in a small town when things like this happen.

  8. @Luke – I also live in a small town but when something like this happens the big city is a great place to be so thats where I go.

  9. I don’t frive though and the busses stopped, next time beg a mate to drive!!

  10. Pete, that’s amazing. The colour and the detail are just excellent. I’m starting to see why you bought that Nikon. I’d really like the chances that high and smooth ISO gives you. But you use it well.

  11. Great snow scene… I would be interested to know what kind of shutter speed you used to freeze the snow like that

  12. Brilliant shot…makes you want to keep staring at it…magical 🙂

  13. That’s a fantastic photo …love the colours in it, esp the traffic lights.

    Found you via twitter BTW (I’m twitter.com/upthejunction)