A different landscape

So last week I bought a graduated ND filter. I’d tried out a few filters during Shoot Liverpool and I figured I’d have a go. With the wedding last Friday I decided that for some shots I would need it. It really was handy in darkening things just enough, just bringing that extra bit of detail in the sky. Last night I went out to grab some shots and went for a walk around New Brighton. The ND filter is like being able to walk around with Photoshop. It was incredibly handy to have. This shot, for example, was shot into the sun and I could use it to bring out extra detail in the sky. You can buy an orange tinted one. I didn’t because I figured I can do that in PS. I can’t really replicate the effect of an ND filter in PS without using HDR. But I can add an orange tinted gradient. I really enjoyed playing with the filter. I often use a similar technique in PS to darken skies and now I don’t have to. Its great to get things right while I’m out so I spend more time enjoying taking photos rather than sitting at home processing. I can’t wait to do more. So no it didn’t look like that when I took it, but how I achieved the look was by using a technique people have been using for decades before digital, before Photoshop. I could have achieved it with just 2 bits of plastic on the lens. Its nice to get back to basics. I’ve got lots of ideas. I need to find a chair…

6 responses

  1. I like the effect. Thanks you I discover Photomatix and HDR. Can you tell us more about ND filters like the URL of a manufacturer.

  2. I like the sharpness, the colours and the dark areas of this photo, but you could’ve cropped away more of the grass between the lower frame and the tree to get more focus onto the real motif of the picture. Nice capture still, though!

  3. Hmm maybe. I quite like that its grass | trees | sky.

  4. Nice shot pete. I don’t go any anywhere without my grads these days. Which ones did you buy ?

  5. Firstly, thanks for putting together your awesome site. About the grads, aren’t they great, I don’t leave home without mine, in fact I feel naked if I leave them at home. No substitute for getting things right in-camera as much as possible. All the best.

  6. I love the extreme backlit conditiones, and the combination of yellow and green just works perfectly!