A day in the Leaf

I love Leaf tea bar on Bold Street. It’s a great place to work for a few hours as a freelancer in-between shoots. When I was last in there I looked around and thought it would be a great place to make some portraits. So I spoke to Leaf and they agreed.

On 21st Febuary, Pancake Tuesday (this coming Tuesday), I will be there from 9 till at least 5pm shooting portraits of anyone who visits Leaf. I’ll probably be set up in the back area with those awesome seats. I’ll be the guy with a camera and lighting gear. Easy to spot.

The idea is simply capture a day in the life of Leaf by photographing the people who go there. I want to capture Leafers. I want to capture the style, the look, the vibe of Leaf’s community because there is a community there. In the past few years Leaf has gone from strength to strength and recently established itself on Bold St as one of *the* places to be. I myself go there to work, rest and play. I’ve been there for meetings, weddings, networking, drinks, music, fashion, and so on. There’s a community at Leaf and I want to photograph it.

So from 9am this coming Tuesday I’ll be there with my camera. If you love Leaf please drop in, have a brew and let me photograph you.