A day at sea on the Waverley

Bought for £1 and fully restored to service the PS Waverley is the last sea going paddle steamer. She’s a beautiful ship and she sails from Liverpool on a day trip to Llandudno and Anglesey. I wholeheartedly recommend it. I’ve flown over Liverpool a couple of times but theres something about seeing the city on the horizon. It’s magical. I can only imagine what it must have been like sailing to New York and seeing that skyline. The ticket cost around £40 for the full trip. There’s great bacon butties till 11am and after that is fish and chips, or just chips if you’re me. They have a fully stocked whisky bar too.

The full day trip takes you out the Mersey, down past Wirral, and Rhyl to Llandudno. People get off. People get on. The trip continues around Anglesey via Puffin Island. Unfortunately our trip was cut short due to technical issues and a late start so we didn’t get that far around Anglesey. I was looking forward to seeing the suspension bridges from the water. It’s a visual treat though. All those things on the horizon you get to see close up. The wind farms, the oil platforms, and we even saw Blackpool. That was crazy but you could see Blackpool Tower and the rollercoaster. It was those little details that made our trip worthwhile.

The highlight was seeing Liverpool on the horizon. Luckily there was some sunlight on Liverpool but not Wirral so it really stood out. The really crazy part was that we could see it through the middle of Wirral. I would have thought that Wirral would get in the way but at this angle it didn’t. It was an incredible sight. I really enjoyed the trip.